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  • I have ordered a delivery, can I change the date or the address in my order?

    - Of course – all of our clients have the option of making changes within their orders. To make changes in your order please notify us in the CONTACT section at the top of the page, but no later than the day before the planned collection.

  • The driver didn’t come to collect my parcel.

    If the driver hadn’t come on the chosen collection day before 6pm, please let us know as soon as possible using the CONTACT form. Remember to state the number of your order, the number of the collection you received from our Info Agent, and the name and surname of the sender.

  • What if my parcel exceeds the declared weight/size?

    If the dimensions of your parcel exceed the limits, the Person ordering will be required to pay a fine from 10 to 250gbp, otherwise the parcel will be on hold till the the fine is paid. If the client is not willing to pay the fine, the case will be turned over to a collection agency. In the light of this we ask our clients to make sure before the collection that the size and weight of the parcel is correct, and to read the Terms and Conditions of our Service.

  • What time will the driver come?

    In the UK the drivers collect the parcels from 8 to 6pm and it’s not possible to set up a narrower time frame. You can however obtain some information regarding the estimated time the driver will reach you by calling DPD  (08459300350 ) and providing the hotline with your tracking number. In Poland the parcels are also collected between 8 to 18:00 and it’s not possible to set up a specific time for the collection.

  • What’s the time of delivery?

     UK: on the day of delivery each client gets an e-mail from the Carrier (DPD) with an estimated delivery time. You can also call the hotline 08459 300 350 and receive more information by stating the tracking number of your delivery.


    Poland: Unfortunately DPD doesn’t inform about delivery Times. You can receive the phone number of the driver who will deliver your package by going to the DPD website and tracking the delivery with the use of the tracking number. You can also call DPD at +48 801 400 373 lub +48 22 577 55 55 and ask for the estimated delivery time.

  • There was nobody at my address when the driver came

    There is no way to narrow down the time frame for the delivery slot, so if you know that you aren’t be home on the collection day, we recommend changing the collection date or the collection address. You can do it the day before the collection at the latest. Please use the CONTACT form to send us a message about it.


    If it’s not possible to make changes (it’s too late for it), please ask another family member or a neighbour to hand out the parcel to the driver. There is no possibility to leave the parcel in the hall or on the staircase etc., because the driver will not collect it. If the driver doesn’t come by 6pm, please refer to point 2.


    If the driver doesn’t collect the parcel because the owner is not at home, the collection order can be rebooked only after paying an additional fee of £8 – the fee covers the cost of an unnecessary/failed collection drive.

  • When can the driver reject the collection?

    There are several restrictions regarding the items allowed for delivery. It’s prohibited to send such items/articles as: glassware, jewellery, money, chemicals, grocery items with short expiry date, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, animals, betteries, chargers, sprays. You can find the detailed info on that in the Terms and Conditions.


    The driver might reject the collection of the parcel if:

    • The parcel is not properly packed/wrapped
    • The contents of the parcel involve fluids, such as oils and paints, the contents are flammable, explosive, radioactive; firearms, ammunition; products with an unpleasant smell; drugs, medicine and psychotropic drugs; live animals or plants; human remains.
    • The packaging is covered in markings that bear an imagery forbidden by law.
    • The state, size, weight of the parcel makes it impossible for the driver to transport it using the means available.
    • The contents involve works of art, antiques, gemstones, precious metals in any form.
    • The parcel contains money, certificates, securities, etc.
    • The packaging is dirty or bears a shape that could poise risk to other parcels during delivery.
  • What’s the date of delivery?

    It’s impossible to estimate the exact delivery date, because certain occurances may cause the delay of the delivery day.  That’s why the Times set on our website are just estimated. It’s important to point out however that the person awaitng the delivery will receive a text message or an email on the date of delivery with an estimated delivery time. It’s possible to move the date or address of delivery using the options in the email.

  • How to track the parcel?

    All collected parcels have a tracking number. To find out where your parcel is at the moment, just go to / and track it there.

  • I can’t wait the whole day for the driver! What can I do?

    There is no way to narrow down the time frame for the delivery slot. You can ask another family member or a neighbour to hand out the parcel to the driver,  or you can try ordering the collection from your workplace.

  • 5 working days have passed and my parcel is still not delivered! What can I do?

    If the parcel hasn’t been delivered within 5 working days, counting from the first day after the collection, please check the tracking number at:

  - for international deliveries – for UK deliveries – for deliveries in Poland


    If there is no information available about the delivery time, please contact DPD to find out what’s happened.


    Tel DPD UK : (0044) 08459 300 350

    Tel DPD PL : (0048) 22 577 5555



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